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IntelliWHITE Pout N Polish

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Whitening Pen
% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $28

IntelliWHITE Pout'n'Polish Overview     

We think this product is really fun. Pout N Polish by intelliWHITE combines a touch-up tool with a lip plumper in one, convenient pen. No wonder the models at the FORD agency endorse it. Dr. Jablow has taken her peroxide-free Stain Eraser - for surface stain removal and breath freshening - and placed it at one end of the pen, then added a rich lip gloss/plumper on the other end to shine lips and create a soft “pout.” Light-reflecting pigments enhance the look of lip volume with this non irritating formula and the colors have blue undertones to make your smile look even brighter.

IntelliWHITE Pout'n'Polish Advantages

As I've said with other intellWHITE products, this item has a particularly “cosmetic” feel. I love the convenience of a touch-up scrub and breath freshener and always carry one with me; I also use a lip plumper. It's very cool to have them both in a single cosmetic. The lip plumper is the real thing too – with collagen, hyualronic acid filling spheres, green tea, vitamin E, Co enzyme Q 10, and green tea.

Does IntellWHITE Pout'n'Polish take any special steps to prevent sensitivity?

Yes, Dr. Jablow has created a peroxide-free Stain Eraser formula that doesn't cause sensitivity. She also skips the use of alcohol in her Stain Eraser formula so it's kinder on your sensitive gums.

Where can I purchase IntelliWHITE Pout'n'Polish?

You may purchase intellWHITE through HSN, at the intelliwhite website, and at some higher-end beauty stores.

Whitening Factor

Ultimately, you won't buy Pout'n'Polish to whiten your teeth. It's a fun way to brush off surface stains away from home (after lunch, after coffee or tea or wine), to freshen your breath and to reapply a solid lip plumper. It's confidence-building, and if used correctly will help keep newly-whitened teeth whiter. It's one of the coolest pen touch-up products we've seen. Tell us what you think!

Does IntellWHITE Pout'n'Polish take any special steps to prevent sensitivity?


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