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IntelliWHITE Pro Whitening Kit

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Whitening Kit
12% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $70

IntelliWHITE Pro Whitening Kit Overview

The IntelliWHiTE Pro Whitening Kit is a non-prescription whitening kit consisting of the intelliWHITE Pro Whitener Express Brush-on Pen, intelliWHITE Stain Eraser Pen and intelliWHITE Bleach Bumpers. Instead of whitening strips or mouth-trays, you'll insert the Bleach Bumpers beneath your upper and lower lip lines and then brush the 12% hydrogen peroxide Express Whitening Gel directly onto your teeth. The latex-free Bleach Bumpers absorb saliva and retract the lips so they don't interact with your teeth while the gel is applied (10 minutes); so that the whitening gel isn't diluted and has the full opportunity to whiten your teeth. Also included is intelliWHITE's peroxide-free Stain Eraser Pen; helping you to keep stains away between whitening sessions.

IntelliWHITE Pro Whitening Kit Advantages

This is one of the easiest-to-use whitening kits on the market-and because it's difficult to use the product incorrectly, its far more likely that users will experience full whitening effects. The     combination of Bleach Bumpers and gel create maximum gel-to-tooth contact and that's the #1 goal for good results. Also, the Stain Eraser Pen has a killer brush tip that actually lets you scrub off surface stains between treatments.

Does intelliWHITE do anything special to minimize sensitivity?

Yes, most people who experience whitening sensitivity find themselves uncomfortable when a strong peroxide-based whitening gel comes in contact with lips and gums; either by oozing out of mouth trays or poor placement of whitening strips. The intelliWHITE Pro Whitening Kit helps to reduce sensitivity for many people by using a precision brush applicator for painting the gel onto teeth and retracting the lips and surrounding soft tissues from gel exposure.

Where may I purchase intelliWHITE Pro Whitening Kit

You may purchase intellWHITE through HSN, at the intelliwhite website, and at some higher-end beauty stores.

Whitening Factor

Reviews of intelliWHITE'S ability to whiten teeth are primarily positive – no doubt due to the ease of the application method. But all brush-on whiteners – even well-designed ones like intellWHITE – require some diligence; so make sure you follow the instructions.  We'd like to hear your opinion, so try intellWHITE and let us know how it works for you.

Michelle, Laconia, NH
Sep 05 '14
How well it works

I watched a presentation on how much whiter my teeth would get using this pen. Well, no one on air put in the cotton bumpers. I hated them. They did not stay in place, did not absorb saliva, in fact it created more & it overflowed. Gross. I really don't have 20 minutes to keep these bumpers in place [never lasted that long] & then wait another 20 minutes before I could eat, drink, or brush my teeth. That's just the first use of the day. Recommendation was at least twice a day. I used the pen for 3 weeks & it didn't do anything. The bottom line is this product uses hydrogen peroxide just like all the other whitening products on the market. Waste of time & money.

Not Recommended by Michelle

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Melissa, huntsville
Jan 01 '14
How well it works

It was pretty easy to use and I thought it would be good for my sensitive teeth.The cotton gum guards are a waste,they don't stay in place,so I just didn't use them. I did see slight results but not enough to use again.

Not Recommended by melissa

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