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Pola Paint Whitening Pen

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Brush-On System
8% Carbamide Peroxide
Average Price: $30
Pola Paint Whitening Pen image

Pola Paint Review

Pola Paint is a teeth whitening accessory designed to suit many purposes. It's a paint-on whitening gel and breath freshener that can help to maintain a newly whitened smile. Polapaint can also be used by a first time whitener; if you’re new to the teeth whitening and just want to test the waters. Its carbamide peroxide concentration level is at 8%

It's very simple to apply–just brush Pola Paint on your teeth and go. Pola Paint is also good for your general oral health and confidence. It tastes and feels fresh, while the addition of fluoride remineralizes the tooth surface and assists to soothe teeth after more intensive whitening procedures.

Pola Paint Advantages

Polapaint is fast and easy to use, inexpensive and helps you feel fresh, while helping you to maintain a white smile.

Does Poladay CP cause tooth sensitivity?

Poladay CP has a neutral pH, a natural soother and conditioner and desensitizing agents built it, so it’s created to be as sensitivity-free as possible. Still, some people may experience mild sensitivity after initial exposures that will likely wear off quickly after the procedure.


Does Pola Paint cause tooth sensitivity?

Most people will experience no sensitivity from regular use of Polapaint


Where can I get Pola Paint?

Pola Paint is available in dentist's offices around the world.

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