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Prime Time Smile Dual Action Teeth Whitening System

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Pens Strips
?% Hydrogen peroxide
Average Price: $65
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Product Description and Claim

Dual Whitening Technology

  • Safe on Enamel
  • Clinical Results
  • Visible Results in Just One Application
  • Whitens Teeth 6+ Shades Lighter
  • Easy, Fast & Safe
  • Virtually No Sensitivity


  • Pre-Treatment Pen - Formulated to use before teeth whitening gel pen for better and faster whitening results.
  • Teeth Whitening Gel - Brush on in seconds to effectively whiten teeth with virtually no sensitivity.

Enhanced Whitening Results

  • Decreases length of time to whiten
  • Clinically proven whitening in just 5 days
  • Whitens 2X faster when both products are used together in a 5-day regimen
  • Helps protect against gum and tooth sensitivity
  • Safe on crowns, veneers and other dental materials

The Prime Time Smile Fast & Easy Teeth Whitening Pen is a true advancement in teeth whitening. Backed by clinical results from real users, it whitens teeth faster and easier - perfect for people who don't have hours a week to spare. You'll see visible results, sparkling teeth starting with the first application... with virtually no sensitivity.


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