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Prime Time Smile Fast & Easy Teeth Whitening Pen

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Rated: 3 out of 5

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Pens Strips
?% Hydrogen peroxide
Average Price: $60
Prime Time Smile Fast & Easy Teeth Whitening Pen image

Product Description and Claim

Fluoride Anticavity Toothpaste

  • Easy & Portable
  • Safe on Enamel
  • Clinical Results
  • Noticeable Results
  • Seconds to Apply
  • Easy to Use, No Strips or Trays

Enhanced Whitening Results

  • Start seeing whitening after 1 application
  • Lightens teeth up to 6 shades in 10 days
  • Virtually no gum and tooth sensitivity
  • Safe on crowns, veneers and other dental materials
Anon, New Jersey
Jun 29 '14
How well it works
Paid $19.99

I would not recommend this product.
It sounds great, but is more trouble than
it is worth. One treatment is really
putting on the gels and using the light
4 times for ten minutes. I have done
4 treatments of 4 times each with no
visible improvement. I should have
stuck with the Crest Whitestrips, much
more effective !!

Not Recommended by Anon

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Chris, Costa Mesa, CA
Feb 17 '13
How well it works
Paid $15.00

Overall, I liked this system, but had a hard time knowing how much to apply or how much was actually on my teeth. Also, I'm not sure if the whitening still works once saliva comes into contact with the whitener. Worked well regardless.

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