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White Glo Extreme Whitening Pen

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Whitening Pen
6% Carbamide Peroxide
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White Glo Extreme Whitening Pen Overview

The White Glo Extreme Whitening Pen is a little different than your usual whitening pen – it's loaded with a 6% carbamide peroxide gel that's stronger than most pen/accessory whitening products. It has a twist and brush applicator that glides on very smoothly – and you can feel the gel on your teeth. Again, so unusual for a whitening “accessory” - no wonder they call it Extreme. White Glo recommends that you carry the pen with you and use it for up to 10 minutes – up to 2 and 3 times day. I'll use it after lunch for stain-fighting. As a nice touch, White Glo also includes 7 of their Extreme Whitening Strips – a week-long touch up to use between serious whitening sessions. This is a nice product – giving you a couple of ways to maintain your smile that's been whitened with mouth-trays or at a dentist's office.

White Glo Extreme Whitening Pen Advantages

White Glo always gives you more for your money. With the Extreme Whitening Pen, you'll receive two ways to touch up your smile – all for under $20.00 (AUD).

Where May I Purchase White Glo Express Whitening System?

You may purchase White Glo directly through the White Glo website. 

Whitening Factor

This product is designed to either keep stains away or help to whiten teeth up to 2 or 3 shades if you follow the instructions. The pen application method isn't known for it's effectiveness – it's all too easy for your saliva to dissolve the gel before serious whitening takes place. Having said that – for a touch-up and a stain-fighter – this is a good deal.


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