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Crest 3D Whitestrips Intensive Professional Effects

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Rated: 4.7 out of 5
Rated: 3.7 out of 5
Rated: 3.7 out of 5

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Whitening Strips
10% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $52
Crest 3D Whitestrips Intensive Professional Effects image

Crest 3D Intensive Professional Effects Review

Crest 3D Intensive Professional Effects Whitestrips is the newest entry in the Crest 3D line-up of teeth whitening solutions. They’re available throughout the country and feature 7 sets of upper and lower whitestrips. They promise a visible difference in a single application and dentist-worthy professional results in 7 days. In their advertising, Crest compares Intensive Whitestrips to a $500 dentist-performed chairside whitening treatment. One thing to keep in mind, while the hydrogen peroxide level might be equivalent to a chairside whitening treatment, this product still uses "strips" and strips do not cover every tooth and might even miss some teeth in the "smile zone". If you are the type of person that shows a lot of teeth with your smile, this product is *not* comparable to professional dentist whitening. Here at, we actually think Crest's marketing is misleading here.

Crest 3D Intensive Professional Effects Advantages

The selling point of Intensive Professional Effects product is value. They claim you could spend $500 going to the dentist for whitening in about an hour - or you could spend $40-60 and get the same results in 7 days. What’s different about Intensive Professional Effects? Crest has reworked the design of the lower whitestrip and enhanced adhesion, so that your teeth are more likely to have maximum contact with the 10% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. Also, you wear the strips for longer periods of time - two hours each day -a possible problem for those with sensitivity issues.

Do Crest 3D Whitestrips Professional Effects cause tooth sensitivity?

Sensitivity is a real possibility with Crest 3D Intensive Professional Effects. The lengthy wear-time, the high-strength hydrogen peroxide gel and the fact that you do it yourself all increase the chance that sensitive people will experience discomfort. Crest 3D makes other whitening solutions for the sensitive; but assures its users than discomfort from ANY of their whitening methods is temporary.

Where can I buy Crest 3D Intensive Professional Effects?

Available at most major retailers.

Whitening Factor

Crest 3d Intensive Professional Effects is one of the most powerful whitening strips from the Crest line-up - but we’re looking for your reactions. If you’re planning to use Crest 3D Intensive Professional Effects, please send us your review and we’ll let everyone know whether or not they make you smile!.

Shar, New Jersey
Apr 28 '17
How well it works
Paid $60.00

I was shocked and amazed at how well they worked. I have had dentist whitening, although not the $500 whitening and I did not notice any difference.
First, I have white teeth anyway, but I wanted a kick. I don't drink or drink coffee so my teeth aren't yellow.
So when I have previously used the white strips, normal strength, I didn't notice that much of a difference. I did notice some, but not that much probably because my teeth are already white.
I was at Harmons and I happened to ask for strong crest whitening. I had no idea there was a new formula. The assistant told me this was new and professional strength. Of course I was skeptical but I was willing to try to at the least maintain my already white teeth.
I used it last night and then today. I couldn't believe how white they were.
It was like I did the overnight or ones at dentist office. I even took a photo because I didn't believe my eyes.
So far no sensitivity, but I never did get sensitivity when I previously used the weaker strength.
I am now an amazed fan.
Kudos to the Crest whitening for delivering on the promise and making it affordable.
Once last thing, I brushed my teeth and the remembered to put them on, so I didn't follow directions perfectly and worked anyway!!!

Recommended by Shar

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Natasha, Clearwater, FL
Nov 19 '13
How well it works
Paid $60.00

(This review was done immediately after first day of the 7 days)

(I did not brush my teeth before [ it tells you this] but i did wipe off any residue from previous food)

(I did not drink anything before, during or after)

-Sensitivity started to kick in after 1 hour. After 1 hour and 20 mins, one of my front bottom teeth started to feel like a sharp pain was being drilled in, so i didnt do it for a full 2 hours. I tried just taking out the bottom so i could still work on the top, but having the top still in, was still hurting my bottom teeth.

- Saliva started immediately after putting in strips, never stopped and made a lot of foam buildup in the front of my mouth after some time, that made me feel like a dog with rabies.

- Cannot pronounce certain letters when talking, so this is best done, by yourself with a movie that you can concentrate on and not laugh.

- Drys out lips, but nothing a lil carmex cant fix.

- When trying to put strips on, if you have a small mouth, it will be difficult in the sense of; the sticky side of the strip will try to grab on anything, including your lips.

: Due to how sensitive this was to me, im afraid to do day 2. Im just thinking about doing this once a week, since my teeth arent uber yellow. Just stained from tea for 14 years. :

: 30 mins later and i get occasionally stings in my teeth that hurt so bad, that all i can focus on is the pain. :

~ I recommend this to people who DO NOT have sensitive teeth and want instant action. I didnt know whether or not my teeth were sensitive because i drink Monster energy drinks and eat sour candy and they dont hurt my teeth. But after one use, i do see the difference. Ive never used a whitening strip before, so this was a first, and i wanted instant gratification. It definitely gave me that, but i had to deal with the pain.

Recommended by Natasha

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Chris, Long Beach, CA
Jan 25 '13
How well it works

I found these to work pretty well. The downside is that there is a 2 hour commitment with these. You have to keep them on for quite a while!
I realize a lot of people complain about sensitivity, but the reality is, the stronger the carbamide peroxide (bleach strength), the more sensitivity you are going to get. So, if you want to get whiter teeth quickly, the consequence is some temporary sensitivity.

Another issue I noticed is that it did not cover all my teeth (back molars).
I wonder if I can just keep the strips on the entire night when Im sleeping?

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