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CVS Advanced Once-A-Day Whitening Treatment

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Whitening Strips
0% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $26
CVS Advanced Once-A-Day Whitening Treatment image

CVS Advanced Once-A-Day Whitening Treatment

CVS's Advanced Once-A-Day Whitening Treatment promises whiter teeth by following 3 easy steps for 7 days. They call this the Advanced Once-A-Day treatment because it features a new, no-mess and and more comfortable whitestrip with superior adhesion for maximum gel to tooth contact. is making an assumption that the whitening gel delivered by the strips is a stonger concentration than either the CVS film or pen products but it could not be confirmed with CVS. The product comes with a 7-day supply of strips: 7 uppers and 7 lowers; you wear each treatment for 30 minutes a day.

CVS Advanced Once-A-Day Whitening Treatment Advantages

Coming in at around $20.00 makes this product a major value.

Does the CVS Advanced Once-A-Day Whitening Treatment cause sensitivity?

The company product literature advises that some people may experience whitening sensitivity with this product, but that it is both temporary and harmless. Caution: if you know you're sensitive to other whitening products, make sure get your dentist's input before trying this product - and that you have any needed dental work done. Why take chances?

Where can I buy CVS Advanced Once-A-Day Whitening Treatment?

Online and at CVS Drugstores throughout the country.

Whitening Factor

This is a new whitening product for the market. We do not know how well it works yet. It seems viable-using many of the major techniques already being used by other products. If you've tried CVS Advanced Once-A-Day Whitening, please provide your review below. 


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