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CVS Dissolving Strips

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Whitening Strips
0% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $17
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CVS Dissolving Strips Review

Another entry into the teeth whitening field, CVS Dissolving Whitening Strips offer the claim of convenience. Since you don't have to remove the strips after wearing them, they're a cleaner and quicker whitening alternative. You wear them for 14 days - up to 15 minutes a session - and can expect to see results after 7 days, with full effects after 14 days. The strips are coated with a hydrogen peroxide solution and are enamel-safe. The price is generally around $15 - which makes them a bargain. In contrast to their first release, these strips now claim to be "easy peel" promising that they are more easily applied than the previous product.

CVS Easy Peel Dissolving Strips Advantages

As with most of the CVS products, the advantage here is price and credibility.

Do CVS Easy Peel Whitening Strips cause sensitivity?

Because the product doesn't mention any special steps CVS has taken to minimize sensitivity, users should be aware of their own susceptibility with regarding to discomfort.

Where do I purchase CVS Easy Peel Dissolving Whitening Strips?

Online and at CVS Drugstores throughout the country.

Whitening Factor

Since this product's reformulation, there are no user reviews or research data to measure the whitening factor. If you're planning to try CVS Easy Peel Dissolving Whitening Strips, please let us know how you like them? We'll share your review with everyone and let them know whether or not you're smiling.


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