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CVS Once A Day Whitening

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Whitening Strips
0% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $25
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CVS Once A Day Whitening Treatment Review

While this product looks like it could be a match to a whitestrips product, it is not. CVS Once a Day Whitening is its own value-priced entry into the teeth whitening mash-up. The treatment features 28 whitening "films" shaped roughly to fit upper (14 films) and lower (14 films) arches. They feature a hydrogen peroxide gel and should be worn 30 minutes a day. You use the film - which is actually more like a sponge - to cover the teeth and adjust the fit as needed. Results should be visible in 3 days - with full whitening effects in 2 weeks. This product retails anywhere between $12 and $16 - a seriously low price point for a multi-day whitening system.

CVS Once A Day Whitening Treatment Advantages

The price is the story here - and the fact that you're purchasing product from a credible source.

Does CVS Once A Day Teeth Whitening cause tooth sensitivity?

The question of sensitivity is not addressed, with the exception that the product literature states that the product is enamel-safe. An educated guess is that this product will cause sensitivity for those who already have sensitivity issues.

Where can I buy the CVS Once A Day Teeth Whitening?

Online and at CVS Drugstores throughout the country.

Whitening Factor

Users report that the whitening films are very difficult to apply and that they don't adhere well to teeth. This has a dramatic effect on their overall whitening ability. If you're planning to try CVS Once A Day Whitening Film, please send us your review. We'll print it and let everyone know whether or not this product makes you smile.


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