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Walgreens Dental Strips

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Whitening Strips
0% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $18
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Walgreens Whitening Dental Strips Review

Walgreen Dental Strips promise enamel-safe whitening results in 3 days and full whitening after 7. The kit features "stay-put, non-slip" strips that come shaped for upper arches and lower arches. You'll receive 14 whitening pouches in each package. Like all Walgreens teeth whitening products, the strips feature a whitening gel that's hydrogen peroxide based - although they decline to give the strength.

Walgreens Dental Strips Review

Like all store brands, the Walgreens teeth whitening products are value-based.

Do Walgreen Dental Strips cause sensitivity?

They can - especially in people known to have sensitive teeth and gums; however, there are few reports of whitening sensitivity found on this product.

Where can I buy Walgreens Dental Strips?

Online and at Walgreens Drug stores nationwide.

Whitening Factor

We're finding mixed reviews for this product - and, again, the issues seem to center around the fit/staying power of the strips themselves. People who stick with it experience good results (not spectacular, but good). But they seem to be a sincere hassle for many.


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