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Walgreens Whitening Ultra Strips

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Whitening Strips
0% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $35
Walgreens Whitening Ultra Strips image

Walgreens Whitening Ultra Strips Review

Walgreens Whitening Ultra Strips are designed to compete with Crest's top-of-the-line whitening strip. The kit features a "clinical-strength" whitening gel and advanced form-fitting strips which are supposed to make application easier and neater. The gel is hydrogen peroxide-based. The strength is not known; it is however, enamel-safe. You may wear these strips for 30 minutes a day, and for up to 20 days to achieve the results you want.

Walgreens Whitening Ultra Strips Advantages

Coming in at around $30; the price is lower than the Crest brand of premium strips.

Do Walgreens Whitening Ultra Strips cause sensitivity?

If you currently know you're sensitive to teeth whitening products, this one will create some sensitivity. Take care of your teeth before you whiten.

Where can I buy Walgreens Whitening Ultra Strips?

Online and at Walgreens stores nationwide.

Whitening Factor

Most of the problems we encountered were centered around the fit of the strips. The product does seem to work, but you'll have to have patience - and follow the instructions PERFECTLY - to ensure a good fit and proper whitening action. How do you think it compares to leading brands?

Aug 28 '17
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Dave, Boulder, CO
Jan 15 '14
How well it works
Paid $30.00

I was excited to discover a product that was less expensive than Crest brand whitening strips, however this particular product may be the worst I have ever tried! I cannot imagine how it remains on Walgreen's shelves. The product has poor adhesion especially on the lower strip, the use of I have abandoned. I have thrown most of the strips away after they failed to adhere to my teeth. In this case, you get what you pay for... do yourself a favor and spend the extra money for the very effective Crest brand strips.

Not Recommended by Dave

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