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Walgreens Intense 1 Hour Whitening

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Whitening Trays
0% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $10
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Walgreens Intense 1 Hour Whitening System Review

Walgreens Intensive 1 Hour Whitening system is a speed-whitening kit that says it can whiten teeth up to 3 shades in 1 hour. The system features pre-filled mouth trays, a whitening accelerator rinse and then a final whitening rinse. You’ll rinse with the accelerator, wear the trays for 30 minutes and repeat, followed by the final whitening rinse. The gel is enamel-safe and hydrogen peroxide based.

Walgreens Intense 1 Hour Whitening System Advantages

Price...this Walgreens product is frequently priced at under $10.00

Does the Walgreens Intensive 1 Hour Whitening System cause sensitivity?

It may, especially if you already have sensitive teeth and gums. Walgreens says that the sensitivity is temporary and harmless, but it's up to you to make sure that your teeth and gums are in good overall oral health..

Where can I buy Walgreens Intense 1 Hour Whitening?

Online and at Walgreens drugstores across the country.

Whitening Factor

Good. Multiple user reviews state that the product did not disappoint. We like it because the product does not overpromise - decent results at a surprisingly low price. How do you think it compares to leading brands?

Sean, Nebraska
Dec 03 '13
How well it works
Paid $10.00

This produced burned like no other!!! And with extremely minimal results, maybe a half shade brighter at best! But my gums are nice and white! And enflamed and painful!

Not Recommended by Sean

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Anonymous, Louisiana
May 13 '13
How well it works

I'm glad I didn't spend a fortune on this product because the improved formula is lacking in improvements. The pre-filled extra strength trays are made of styrofoam which doesn't adhere to your teeth at all. I was unable to keep the trays on for the duration of 25 minutes due to a burning sensation caused by the gel which sticks to your teeth. The whitening accelerator and whitening rinses burned my mouth couldn't wait to spit them out. If you're looking for pearly white teeth, you'll get no satisfaction from this product.

Not Recommended by Anonymous

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