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BEYOND Max5, Max10 and Solo Professional Whitening System

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Light Activated System
35% Hydrogen Peroxide
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BEYOND Max5, Max10 and Solo Professional Whitening System image

BEYOND Max5, Max10 and Solo Professional Whitening Systems Review

BEYOND offers dentists three of the few 30-minute, light-activated treatment product configurations on the market- they're called BEYOND Max5, Max10 or Solo. They're rated 4 Stars from a respected trade journal called The Dental Advisor and are sold to dentists to work with ANY whitening lamp, but of course, the BEYOND folks would prefer that dentists use their BEYOND Whitening Accelerator lamp (see the BEYOND Overview). The Max5, Max10 and Solo treatments feature BEYOND's most powerful teeth whitening gel – a proprietary 35% Hydrogen Peroxide blend with an additional catalyst and a broader light activation spectrum (so that it can work with different whitening lamps). The kit also includes gel to protect the gums and a face protection cloth to prevent discomfort. The kits are configured and sold to dentists for one person, Solo, for 5 patients, Max5 and for 10 patients - Max10.

BEYOND Max5, Max10 and Solo Whitening Benefits

Speed – BEYOND claims you can achieve 8+ shade changes in 30 minutes. You’ll need to confirm pricing for professional services in your community, but this whitening procedure should cost less than traditional 60-minute procedures. 

Do the BEYOND Max5, Max10 and Solo Whitening Systems cause tooth sensitivity?

Because these are in-office procedures with special protection for gums and face, and a whitening gel that includes desensitizers, few users report sensitivity. But, if you're especially sensitive, you'll need to be careful, but these systems are very powerful and you should be in good overall oral health.

BEYOND Max5, Max10 and Solo Whitening Factor

Users report visible results with Max5, Max10 and Solo – average 8+ shade changes.

Daniel, El Paso, TX
Apr 14 '14
How well it works
Paid $105.00

I bought one kit from the local office in Houston just to try it out and I couldn't be more happy with my decision. Affordable and yet effective.

With this kit I can certainly offer whitening at a reduce cost and offer it in conjunction with other dentistry services such crowns, composites and implants.

Recommended by Daniel

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