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BEYOND Polus Whitening Accelerator

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Light Activated System
35% Hydrogen Peroxide
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BEYOND Polus Whitening Accelerator image

BEYOND Polus Whitening Accelerator Review

Light technology is at the heart of all BEYOND Teeth Whitening Systems. Unlike many brands, BEYOND designs its own whitening accelerator lamps and has come up with quite a few improvements/innovations. LightBridge light technology is BEYOND's primary innovation, and it combines the most popular lamp options used in teeth whitening today. The POLUS features halogen and LED light sources (proven to whiten better than an LED alone like Zoom or plasma arc whitening like Sapphire), but this powerful light is filtered to remove heat and UV output - contributors to discomfort for sensitive patients. The POLUS light operates as a pure LED for whitening at the gentle level (one of its three settings, including normal and intense) and also comes equipped with a separate LED curing light that can be used for spot whitening single teeth. For the dentist, once he chooses the curing option, it may also function as a curing light for the gum protection material and for dental composites.


BEYOND designs and manufactures many teeth whitening treatments, but POLUS Teeth Whitening is the core of their business. Thanks to the power of the light, BEYOND whitening treatments last 30 minutes instead of the standard 60 and consist of 3 10-minute sessions. Your dentist will whiten your teeth using BEYOND II's proprietary 35% Hydrogen Peroxide whitening gel. It also has special desensitizers built into it. The BEYOND POLUS Whitening Accelerator system is winner of The Dental Advisor's coveted 5-Star Rating as Top Whitening Product of 20111, 2012 and 2013 – an impressive achievement.

BEYOND POLUS Whitening Accelerator Benefits

Value, results and minimal sensitivity. Because BEYOND POLUS is a shorter treatment, dentists may charge less than traditional 60-minute sessions. Results of 8+ shades with minimal sensitivity thanks to a shorter whitening session, desensitizing gel and special light filters. You’ll need to confirm pricing for professional services in your community, but Beyond will cost less than traditional 60-minute procedures.

Does BEYOND Polus Whitening Accelerator cause sensitivity?

Now, just because BEYOND POLUS goes to special lengths to minimize sensitivity, there are still some people who will experience discomfort. You need to be in good oral health and if you're sensitivity-prone, you'll need to speak with your dentist beforehand.

BEYOND Polus Whitening Factor

Overall, very good results – from 8+ shades and up.

Angela, Broomfield, Colorado
Mar 27 '13
How well it works
Paid $999.99

I use the BEYOND Polus in my practice several times a week. I have had minimal reports of sensitivity with this system. I have used others in the past that have caused severe sensitivity. The results are good, and when I use the Blast system for tougher cases, the result is almost always at least 5 shades. I have had some cases that have not responded to treatment, but those are pretty rare.

The MAX 10 kit is very affordable, bringing the cost per patient under $30, rather than $70-90 like other kits.

Recommended by Angela

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