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Iveri Regular Strength Whitening

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Light Activated System
35% Carbamide Peroxide
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Iveri Regular Strength Whitening Review

Although you'll still need to visit your dentist for this procedure, Iveri Regular Strength Whitening uses a 35% Carbamide Peroxide solution to whiten teeth, instead of the Carbamide/Hydrogen blend used in their Extra Strength procedure. Again, this is a light-activated procedure that uses a cool blue LED light source and the entire process takes only 15 minutes, a real advancement in teeth whitening.

Iveri Regular Strength Whitening Advantages

Speed and cost are the chief advantages of all in-office Iveri whitening systems, alongside the possibility of sensitivity control.

Does Iveri Regular Strength Whitening cause tooth sensitivity?

Iveri Regular Strength Whitening uses Potassium Nitrate as it's chief anti-sensitivity agent, but the 15-minute exposure time, combined with carbamide peroxide gel-all work together to reduce the causes of discomfort. This is a relatively new product in the US and we don't have any user reviews, so we don't really know. Potassium Nitrate is the most-used desensitizing agent in teeth whitening – so if are hypersensitive, you should discuss this with your dentist. The addition of Xylitol to keep teeth hydrated to minimize “zingers” during the process is sound science, but we’d like to get some user reviews to see how it works in action.

Whitening Factor

As a professional whitening product, we would recommend this product. So, if you've got a dentist who offers Iveri and you're looking for whiter teeth, you're in good hands. But please let us know what you think!


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