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Niveous In-Office Teeth Whitening System

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Rated: 4 out of 5
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Chemically Activated
25% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $200
Niveous In-Office Teeth Whitening System image

Niveous Teeth Whitening System Review

The Niveous In-Office Teeth Whitening System, from Shofu Dental Corporation, is a professional whitening treatment applied by a dentist in his or her office. Bleach is applied directly to teeth - usually without the aid of a light source. Good whitening candidates will experience up to a 7-shade improvement in a single office visit.

Tooth whitening claim to fame?

According to independent studies as reported by the Shofu Corporation (makers of the Niveous system), Niveous Whitening produces the longest-lasting effects of all major in-office whitening systems - up to two years in some instances.

The big idea in bleaching?

What makes the Niveous system different than any other in-office system is the use of “Booster Brushes.” These special micro-brushes are used to apply the Niveous gel and are treated with a special oxidizing mechanism that optimizes bleaching.

The whitening nitty-gritty?

The Niveous system uses a powerful, orange 25% hydrogen peroxide gel that’s applied in two, consecutive 15-minute exposures. Booster Brushes are used to apply the gel to enhance bleach-to-tooth contact and speed whitening. A heating or curing light is not required to activate the whitening. Costs usually start around $250 - less than half of some other in-office treatments.


Fast, value-priced and a proven performer over time - this gives other systems a real run for their money. The Niveous bleaching procedure is performed only in dental offices.

Nursekq, san antonio
Sep 30 '10
How well it works

Have extreme sensitivity and moderate sharp pain in my teeth. Just had procedure this morning. Color is slightly lighter but not worth it.

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Anonymous, San Antonio, TX
Jan 10 '10
How well it works

No sensitivity afterwards like I've had when I tried others. Quick too.

Recommended by Anonymous

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