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NUPRO White Gold Teeth Whitening System

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Chemically Activated
36% Hydrogen Activated
Average Price: $500
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NUPRO® White Gold / Illumine Teeth Whitening System Review

The Nupro White Gold/Illumine Teeth Whitening System is a two-phase professional whitening treatment–combining an in-office procedure followed by take-home whitening (if needed). Bleach is applied directly to teeth during the in-office phase. Custom trays may be used with Nupro White Gold bleaching gel to enhance results at home. Good whitening candidates will experience up to a 9-shade improvement in a single office visit, hard-to-treat candidates may achieve similar results with take-home follow-up.

Tooth whitening claim to fame?

According to internet research conducted by, the Nupro White Gold bleaching gel formulation ranks as one of the two least sensitivity-inducing whitening gels among the top professional brands. (See study at A combination of a glycerine base buffered with a fluoride component helps protect teeth and gums.

The big idea in bleaching?

It’s the double-whammy of a coordinated in-office and take-home whitening system that makes this different than any other major method used in dental offices. With both in-office and take-home procedures supervised by a dentist, maximum results can be obtained, even for people with sensitivity issues or hard-to-whiten teeth. The take-home bleaching gels are available in 22%, 16% or 10% Carbamide Peroxide.

The whitening system nitty-gritty?

The Nupro White Gold system uses a powerful, green 36% hydrogen peroxide gel that’s applied in three, consecutive 15-minute exposures. A heating or curing light is not required to activate the whitening. Fun idea? The Nupro White Gold gel is mint flavored. Costs vary according to region and dentist.


A good option for people with known sensitivity issues or who believe they may have hard-to-whiten teeth. This Nupro system bleaching procedure is performed only in dental offices.

Nicole, ID, USA
Sep 20 '10
How well it works

The product works very well. It is used from 2 hours to overnnight, and you can definitely see results. However in my case, after a few uses I could only go about 1.5 hours, because I'll feel a stab of shooting pain in one of my teeth being bleached. So I cut the time a little shorter, and I'm a little nervous to let it go too long, but the difference is great!
I think my teeth may just be a little too sensitive for teeth whitening products in general.

Also the price isn't bad. For me it was about $100 for a two year supply (trays, whitening gel).

Recommended by Nicole

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Jason Holt, Atlanta, GA
Jul 07 '11
How well it works
Paid $99.00

I tried this product with another one from my dentist. After comparing the two, I think that the White Gold works pretty well. It definitively caused more sensitivity than the whitening pen. I bleached my tops with this and my bottoms with the other. This product caused more sensitivity and the results were average.

Recommended by Jason Holt

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