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Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening System

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Chemically Activated
40% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $264
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Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening Review

Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening System (successor to Xtra Boost) is a high-end, in-office whitening process. The system uses a powerful 40% Hydrogen Peroxide solution, adding potassium nitrate and fluoride to help prevent sensitivity and strengthen enamel. Unlike a lot of the more heavily-advertised teeth whitening systems, Opalescence doesn't use any kind of light-activation once the gel has been applied. It relies solely on the power and freshness of the gel itself to whiten teeth. It's for this reason that Opalescence is called a chemically-activated product.

Why is Opalescence Boost called a chemically activated product?

Opalescence is different from many other teeth-whitening systems in the sense that it uses only a gel to whiten your teeth. Opalescence does not use any lights to activate the gel, like many other teeth-whitening systems. It is for this reason that Opalescence is called a chemically activated product.

By not using light to activate the gel, am I being shortchanged on quality?

No. The gel is applied to your teeth and it carries out its job without any propelling. The results are brilliant and your teeth retain their newfound sheen for a long time.

Who manufactures Opalescence Boost teeth-whitening products?

Opalescence Boost teeth whitening system is manufactured by Ultradent Products, Inc.

How long does it take for the teeth-whitening process?

It's designed to whiten teeth multiple shades in under 60 minutes-with two, individual 20-minute sessions.

Opalescence Boost Advantages

The freshness of the Opalescence gel is its real advantage for whitening. Dentists and teeth whitening professionals will all tell you that peroxides degrade over time and that they're their most potent when fresh. Unlike many systems, Opalescence Boost doesn't used a pre-mixed solution – it mixes a fresh batch of gel for every procedure – ensuring that you get peroxide at the height of its power. There's also a pretty cool feature for your dentist; the gel is red-so he or she can see exactly where it's placed on the teeth. This ensures an even coat of gel on teeth fronts, backs, uppers and lowers.

Does Opalescence Boost cause tooth sensitivity?

It could. The remarkably strong and fresh whitening gel can produce sensitivity. So here's what you need to know: 1) are your teeth and gums in good shape?; 2) have you had sensitivity reactions to teeth whitening before?; and 3) has your dentist told you that you're hypersensitive?

If you've previously had strong reactions to whitening – steer clear of Opalescence, unless your dentist says it's ok. If your teeth are in good shape and you don't usually experience sensitivity, go ahead. You may experience some "zingers," but they'll quickly disappear.


Should I take any precaution after the bleaching treatment is over?

If you are getting bonding or veneers, you should wait up to 10 days after the treatment. This is because the color may change slightly after the teeth are rehydrated.


Whitening Factor

You will receive excellent results with this product. AS you see below, most of the reviews we've received say that it works effectively.


Shannon, Virginia Beach Va
Aug 19 '15
How well it works
Paid $149.00

I couldn't help but respond to all the information listed here on Opalescence Boost. I am a dental assistant and also a patient. I have used Opalescence for many years and truly believe it is a tried and true product. They claim is not to give you 7-10 shade whiter. After whitening over 700 patients I will let you know that the in office Boost will never give anyone 7 shades and if that practice says they can get you that many shades they are not telling you the truth. In our practice we will tell the patient that Boost is simply just that, A BOOST! it usually gives our patient's a shade to a shade in a half change. You must do some sort of take home right after either that night or the following day. Our best results are the ones that we start right away with the Boost for 2 20 minute sessions, they give each patient the Go Tray whitening from Ultradent. I like the 15% Go. Both systems are Hydrogen peroxide and are stronger than most take home systems. This means that they can cause sensitivity, however if you are using a sensitive toothpaste like Clinpro 5000 from 3M or using Ultradent's Ultraeze in your tray prior to the in office whitening, you will be fine and this really helps with the sensitivity. To this date I have whitened over 400 patients with the Ultradent systems and most of my patient's get 3-6 real Vita Guide shades, not a paper guide that doesn't reflect real colors in dentistry. We in dentistry use this guide for restorative. Every in office whitening system must have a follow up with home trays. If you are not offered that from your dental professional, they do not expect to see no more that the shade change. This again should only give you a boost and they go right into a home tray where system for 10-14 days. Depending on the shade of your teeth in dentistry, A and B shades can do just about any percentage, C and D shades have to work harder and the best results are the in office and wearing a 10% peroxide overnight to get the longest tray wear, and longest activation time. What I do like is that this product has no light and there are no gimmicks! If done right by your dental professional, you will see very good results. I know because I take all my images in Raw settings with my camera and I have over 700 cases. This is what we have found to work the best, and you can't go to a practice that does loosey goose whitening. Insurance doesn't pay for this and our patients know we take this very serious. If you don't see results, its because of the compliance from the patient, not our efforts.

Recommended by Shannon

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May 28 '14
How well it works
Paid $299.00

I'm a newbie at whitening and these reviews scared the heck out of me. The worst past about the procedure was the cheek opener they used. I had very little pain or sensitivity during the procedure. The dentist did two sessions of 15 min and a 3rd session on my lower teeth only since the tops whitened easier then the bottoms. I had a couple tiny zingers but nothing major. No sensitivity to mention. Not uncomfortable afterwards. I did take 800mg ibuprofen before the procedure just in case things got bad but it wasn't bad! Results were ok... I think I would just just do the take home trays next time.

Recommended by Anonymous

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Jennifer, Discovery Bay
Aug 12 '15
How well it works
Paid $200.00

Yikes, quite painful. It took about an hour and I received two 25 minute treatments. I would say my teeth are about 2 shades lighter not the 5-7 they say I would have. The procedure itself was not painful, however, about 45 minutes after is when the ZINGERS begin. it is quite painful. I think the result is the same as doing two crest whitening strips for 30 minutes each back to back. I would save your money and buy the crest strips.

Not Recommended by Jennifer

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