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Dash In-Office Whitening System

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Rated: 2.8 out of 5

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Syringe Whitening System
30% Hydrogen Peroxide
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Dash In-office Whitening Review

Discus Dental (recently acquired by Philips) is the manufacturer behind many of today's most popular teeth whitening brands, including: NiteWhite, DayWhite and Zoom Whitening. They've been in business since 1993, founded by Robert Hayman and dentist-to-the-stars, Dr. William Dorfman, contributor to ABC's Extreme Makeover and author of "The Billion Dollar Smile." Due to the recent economic downturn, Dr. Dorfman and crew recently made the decision to bring a more affordable in-office whitening product to their respected mix–and have introduced the Dash™ system.

Whiter Teeth in About an Hour

In your dentist's office, the Dash system is used on your teeth for about 1 hour using a unique 30% hydrogen peroxide formula. Discus' value proposition to dentists is that the system does not require mixing, refrigeration, or an activating light (unlike the Zoom system). Since it's introduction in November of 2009, it has been used on over 500 patients nationwide and usage is expected to grow substantially throughout 2010.

Dentists Save. And So Do You.

What makes Dash a more affordable alternative to other types of in-office whitening is the ease with which dentists can utilize its basic components, thereby lowering their costs. The peroxide formula comes in pre-loaded syringes that eliminate in-office mixing. The syringe itself has a flocked tip that aids in applying the bleaching gel to the teeth. Additionally, each Dash Whitening Kit contains all the equipment needed in the procedure, as well as a syringe of Relief ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate) for patients who experience dental sensitivity. Dash itself is not expected to cause undue sensitivity–it's 30% hydrogen peroxide (HP) gel is gentle enough for most patients, while HP solutions in the 35% to 38% may start to cause trouble for some not-so-sensitive people. Dash is designed to be reliable, fast and affordable for dentists, so they're able to pass the savings on to bargain-hunting patients (at least we hope).

Whitening Results Pending

The real question is, does Dash work as well as its other in-office competitors? The jury is still out. It's only been recently introduced and we haven't had any person-to-person reports yet. However, it's from a reputable company with a positive reputation in teeth whitening.

*note: This system is not affiliated with the Kardashian's "Dash" clothing boutique.*

Joseph Sandberg, DMD,MAGD, Marlton, NJ
Sep 28 '10
How well it works

I am a practicing dentist and have used both Zoom and Dash in my office over the last seven years. The results are comparable to each other. The initial immediate results with Zoom are slightly better due to the dehydration effect of the light used during the procedure. The whiteness will fade slightly over several days and the response after a week would be the same as Dash. I always prepare custom whitening trays and provide NiteWhite 22% gel for follow-up use at home after the in-office whitening. This completes the process. I prefer Dash over Zoom since it eliminates the need for the light which does nothing to improve the final results but increases the postoperative sensitivity and can't be used on patients taking certain medications due to photosensitivity. The technique is also less expensive to provide and therefore more affordable to patients.
As with any whitening technique, certain discolorations are not responsive and your expectations must be realistic. Your dentist should be able to determine if you are a candidate for whitening. I have attached some photos with typical results.
If you have further questions you can visit my blog at

Recommended by Joseph Sandberg, DMD,MAGD

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