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Sapphire In-Office Teeth Whitening System

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Light Activated
35% Hydrogen Peroxide
Average Price: $335
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Sapphire Teeth Whitening System Review

The Sapphire Whitening system is made by Den-Mat - they are the same makers as Lumineers. The system used to be called the Rembrandt Sapphire In-Office Whitening System, but was renamed when Den-Mat sold the Rembrandt line to Oral-B. This system uses a very powerful Sapphire Plasma Arc Light along with a professional grade teeth whitening gel.

There are over 4,000 dentists currently using the Sapphire Professional Whitening System today. Approximately 250,000 patients have undergone this whitening treatment. The whitening system can be used with the Sapphire light or without it.

Two studies were done by Den-Mat to compare the bleaching process with and without light. The same subjects received gel alone and gel with the light for the same contact time. More whitening resulted on the sides with the gel and light.

According to Den-Mat, the light assists the bleaching process in two ways. Sapphire’s bleach formulation absorbs light in the blue end of the spectrum, which becomes excited and decomposes into reactive intermediators that attack the colored compounds that form stains on teeth. In addition, the absorption of blue light serves to activate the colored stain materials absorbed on the teeth. These photo activated materials are quite reactive and their reaction with hydrogen peroxide results in faster bleaching. Based on this study, using the light with the bleach generally gives an additional 2-5 shades. However, there are also independent studies which show the lights to not do anything.

How does the combination of the gel and the sapphire light work?

The 35% H2O2 gel is first applied to your teeth. The sapphire light activates the gel and propels the stain removal process.

How much time does the teeth-whitening procedure take?

The teeth whitening procedure takes about 30 minutes to complete. It is one of the fastest In-office whitening procedures.

Does Sapphire have an at-home kit?

Yes, Sapphire gives an at-home kit that has custom fitted trays. Depending on the condition of your teeth, the at-home kit may take from a few days to two months to give your teeth luster and brightness. The trays are pliable and tabbed.

How safe is the Sapphire whitening system?

The bleaching gel is thick and stays stable at the ‘teeth areas’ of the trays. Thus, it does not drip over to the gums. While Den-Mat claims there is a desensitizing agent to reduce tooth sensitivity, many dentists have found that some patients have experienced severe post sensitivity after whitening (up to 12-18 hours). Ibuprophen or Naproxen will help if there is any post-sensitivity.

Where can I get Sapphire Teeth Whitening Done?

Currently, the Sapphire procedure can only be done through a licensed dental office.

Lara, Nebraska
Jun 15 '09
How well it works

I am very pleased with my results. just had it done this morning. My teeth were at the bottom portion of the scale for yellow. :( But now they are right up at the top and you can clearly see in a before and after picture that I took that the difference is amazing. My procedure didn't hurt, I even feel asleep!!! My doctor took careful consideration to protect my lips with a proteloem jelly and rehydrated my teeth like 4 times during the procedure.

Recommended by Lara

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