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BEYOND Gemini Teeth Whitening Accelerator Home Edition

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Light Activated System
% Hydrogen Peroxide
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Gemini Teeth Whitening Accelerator Home Edition

Beyond Dental & Health has just introduced another innovation from their respected line of whitening products, the “Gemini Teeth Whitening Accelerator Home Edition.” Designed to give you professional whitening - without sensitivity - The Gemini Teeth Whitening Accelerator Home Edition combines an LED light-activation device with a gentle whitening gel, to provide a 6 to 8 shade improvement in one hour. Beyond, already a winner of the 2014 Dental Advisor Award for best in-office whitening system with their Polus Teeth Whitening Accelerator, is now providing an at-home solution for personal use.

Gemini Teeth Whitening Accelerator Home Edition Advantages

The Gemini Accelerator has several unique advantages for at home whitening. First, it’s easier and more comfortable to get a proper mouthpiece fit with the light activator because small magnets are set into the mouthpiece to assure proper alignment. This also allows for a hands-free and relaxing treatment.  Additionally, the light activator is rechargeable, so it’s a value, too, especially since gel refills and additional trays are available for continued use. The gel is a gentle 6% hydrogen peroxide formula that ensures maximum results on surface stains, but is also effective on more severe stains caused by tetracycline and fluoride.

Does the Gemini Teeth Whitening Accelerator Home Edition Cause Sensitivity?

If you are hyper-sensitive, yes, any teeth whitening product can cause sensitivity. But for most users, the Gemini System’s mild gel and smart light-activated technology will help you avoid discomfort and reduce most risks of sensitivity.

Where can I buy the Gemini Teeth Whitening Accelerator Home Edition?

Right now, you can buy the Gemini System online – although it should be available at major retailers very soon.

Whitening Factor

Good reviews are in for the Gemini Teeth Whitening Accelerator – you can create a visible change in the color of your teeth in about an hour.

Ann, LA
Sep 19 '14
How well it works
Paid $100.00

My teeth were visibly whiter after one use! I didn't have sensitivity. However, the tray was big for my jaws, so I didn't feel completely comfortable. But in general, it is works.

Recommended by Ann

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