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Opalescence Whitening 10% 15% 20% 35%

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Requires Tray System
10%-35% Carbamide Peroxide
Average Price: $168
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Opalescence Take Home Whitening Gels Review

Opalescence offers one of the most popular and arguably the best take-home professional whitening product on the market. It is made by Ultradent and available in 10%, 10%PF, 15%PF, 20%PF and 35%PF carbamide peroxide concentrations to suit your bleaching and oral health needs. This procedure also provides you with custom-made mouth trays that your dentist will fit for you to ensure maximum gel-to-tooth contact when you wear them at home.

What does the PF stand for?

The PF stands for potassium nitrate and fluoride. A 2005 study in the Journal of Operative Dentistry found that the combination of potassium nitrate and fluoride in Opalescence PF reduces vulnerability to cavities and increases the re-mineralization of the enamel for greater tooth strength.

How does Opalescence take-home gels work?

First, your dentist will select the proper concentration of Carbamide Peroxide for your whitening needs. You can whiten with any of the formulas between 10% to 35% and get the same results – it just takes a longer period of time to achieve results with a lower concentration formula. Your dentist will also take impressions of your teeth, so that a laboratory can create custom bleaching trays just for you. You'll take the gels and trays home and wear them according to your dentist's instruction (minutes per day/days per week). You'll place the Opalescence gel into your bleaching trays and wear them as directed.

Using your custom-made tray with Opalescence

When using Opalesence it is important to have your dentist make very precise fitting trays with "block out" (reservoirs), since the bleaching gel will cause irritation if it comes into contact with your gums. Keep in mind that Opalescence is not water soluble; if the gel comes into contact with your gums from an overloaded tray, it will not just wear off or rinse off. You need to use a dry tissue or wash cloth to remove the excess from the gums. This is why reservoirs are so important – it helps to hold the material in the tray and not on the tissues. If you are bleaching for only a short time (i.e. 1 hour), reservoirs are not necessary for your fitting tray.


Do Opalescence whitening gels cause tooth sensitivity?

The higher concentration formulas can most definitely cause tooth sensitivity. If you experience sensitivity, you should tell your dentist and try a less concentrated formula (i.e. 10%). The other option is to use a desensitizer.php">desensitizing gel immediately after whitening your teeth (i.e. Relief ACP Oral Care Gel, UltraEZ Desensitizing Gel). A study done by Dr. Wm Browning of Medical College of GA tested the sensitivity factor of Opalescence PF 10%, NiteWhite Excel 2Z 10% and Rembrandt XtraComfort 10%. The study found that all exhibited some degree of sensitivity but Opalescence users had less sensitivity and for a significantly shorter period of time. Read our article about teeth whitening sensitivity for more information.


Do the different concentrations make a difference?

You can bleach from 10% to 35% and get the same results – it just takes a longer period of time to achieve results with a lower concentration formula.


How long does the bleaching gel last for?

Opalescence has a timed sustained release for 8-10 hours. It is recommended to do overnight bleaching, when possible, because of the products sustained release formula. It is not recommended to do overnight bleaching with the 20% and 35% formulas, as it could cause SEVERE sensitivity. Consult your dentist about this.

Whitening Factor

Results are often seen after just one night. Because this product uses custom fabricated trays, it is considered the “gold standard” in teeth whitening. If you have been disappointed by over-the-counter products, we highly recommend this product.


Anonymous, Sydney, Australia
Nov 09 '10
How well it works

This by far has been one of the best investments ever. I was recommended to use the 10% by my dentist which had worked well but i wanted that hollywood white smile so instead ive been using the 20% - After the first night sleeping with the 10% my teeth were sensitive the next day ( which was expected ) i found that when i had combined my bleaching routine along with either colgate sensitive toothpaste or sensodyne this helped dramatically. I have been bleaching my teeth for the past 3 weeks and have added a photo to show proof of how well this works. I'm glad i have not wasted my money on an in seat whitening procedure - this has been money well spent - i would def recommend this.

Recommended by Anonymous

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Scott, Middlesbrough, England
Sep 13 '11
How well it works

Opalescence PF works.
I am a former heavy smoker and coffee drinker which discoloured my teeth and gave them a dull appearance. My Dentist recommended Opalescence and after 1 month I have experienced incredible results. I use 20% and bleach overnight. Sensitivity does occur but it's not unbearable, Sensodyne toothpaste is a must.
I have included before and after photo's.

Recommended by Scott

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