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Nite White ACP

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Requires Tray System
10%-22% Carbamide Peroxide
Average Price: $149
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Nite White Review

The Nite White teeth whitening gel has gone through three revisions and is now on its third version: Nite White Excel 3 ACP. The bleaching gel uses a mixture of carbamide peroxide to whiten teeth. It is available in 10%, 16%, and 22% Carbamide Peroxide.

How does Nite White work?

The dual barrel syringe features two chambers - one separates a powerful and stabilized Carbamide Peroxide formula; the second chamber contains an activation gel with soothers, conditioners and desensitizers added. The gel is activiated through its auto-mixing nozzle precisely at the time of use for tooth whitening. Nite White uses a tray based system, so you will need a custom fitted tray to use this product (available at your local dentist).

Who manufactures the Nite White products?

Nite White and Day White are manufactured by Discus Dental.

Is there sensitivity with Nite White?

Some users might feel sensitivity with nite whitening. The sensitivity is caused by fluxing of O2&HCO2 ions through the dentinal tubules. If you are prone to sensitivity it is recommended to use a sensitivity toothpaste, like Sensodyne, for a week or two before you start whitening with Nite White. The other option is to use a desensitizing gel after whitening. (Read our article about teeth whitening sensitivity here.)

What is ACP Whitening?

Patented Calcium Phosphate is a formula that naturally bonds with the tooth surface to increase overall enamel smoothness and gloss, and reduce whitening fade-back (think enamel remineralization). Its rapid absorption into the teeth also functions to reduce transient sensitivity – this is an added benefit that is quite different from typical bleaching solutions.

What is the difference between the Z and ACP formulas of Nite White?

The Z formula has been replaced by the ACP formula. The Z formula contained Potassium Nitrate as a sensitivity reducer, however, it did not contain ACP. The ACP formula contains both ingredients to better control sensitivity problems that may arise during the bleaching process.

What is the difference between NiteWhite Excel & NiteWhite Excel Turbo?

Nite White Turbo is 6% hydrogen peroxide. Nite White Excel uses carbamide peroxide which is approximately 1/3 the concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, 15% carbamide peroxide would be equivalent to 5% hydrogen peroxide.
Nite White Turbo can produce the same whitening results in 3 days that regular Excel can achieve in 7-10 days - making it roughly 50-70% stronger than regular Excel. Stronger gels typically create more sensitivity however, so the Turbo gel is recommended to only those who have used Nite White 16% or 22%.

Bottom line

The Nite White bleaching gel works well and will bring about excellent results. In comparison to Ultradent's Opalescence, a study done by Dr. Wm Browning of Medical College of GA found that there were no significant differences between Opalescence and NiteWhite Excel for the 10% formula.

Shelf Life: 6-12 months. Up to 2 years if refigerated.

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Sandrine Daligault, Santa Rosa CA
Apr 24 '11
How well it works

Coming from France with yellow tooth, I was very excited about getting whiter teeth. I got the kit through my dentist, who is very good and well known in Seattle. Having to take impressions and make custom trays made it more expensive, but very worth it.
I never drink very cold (no ice ever) or very hot drinks so my teeth did not get very sensitive, only a little bit at one point.
The 2 first nights were more difficult, because having trays in my mouth caused me to salivate a great deal before falling asleep. The I got used to it, and there was not more discomfort.
After a few days there were whiter spots on certain teeth, but it all smoothed out nicely with consistent use.
The result was amazingly white teeth. For the first time I was able to fully smile and feel good about my Hollywood smile.
I used Nite White again a few weeks ago. My teeth got a bit more sensitive so I discontinued the process for 2 nights before resuming. Even though the kit was a few years old (not the best) it still worked nicely.
Now I can buy directly online and save money, and I can even chose some flavors. The flavorless option does not taste good.
I would recommend a custom tray and stay away from very cold or hot food or drinks.

Recommended by Sandrine Daligault

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MV, Newport Beach CA
Feb 09 '10
How well it works

Nite White ACP (22%) + plus custom trays by dentist

just small intro , im 46 yr, smoked before, drank a lot of coke, tea, all stuff that's not good for you.
it was time to do it.
my wife had very good results, but only after her friend told her to sleep overnight with trays.

So I followed the advice, got trays, put gel in it, whipped off excess gel.
Slept with them overnight. it's almost three weeks. Teeth sensitivity and z-ing feeling on them during trays, I can tolerate.
On other hand, gums went crazy, sore, painful, it's like 10th century torture device. (my wife's comment: you see what women do for beauty!!!)

I had to take two times break, my gums were too sore. (I think I put too much gel). I tried day time that is much stronger and that I can not do. (rome is burning!!!)

Now I am trying to put less gel, it's more tolerable, but it's very painful for me.

I am including photo after 16th day(minus 2 time one day break for sore gums).
- due to whitenning gums recede and shows more of the tooth, more yellow (top part of the tooth).
-that yellow part is also harder to whiten.
- grow up in Europe, we probably have used the antibiotic that grayed our bones, that you can see on my bottom teeth(edges), this also will be harder to whiten.
- also you can see my gums are red and sore.

to sum up: Everybody is different with sensitivity. My wife wore these things much shorter and she has much more consistent results, whiter teeth.

I still feel I have a long way to go, to accomplish this whitening process.

Also I had to buy more gel tubes (need more to continue), but if it's something like my case, it might need to do both, custom tray for home and also in office whitening as well.

It works but it's not easy!!!

Recommended by MV

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MV, Newport Beach, CA
Feb 24 '10
How well it works

here is the photo, missed it with last update.

To recap here is the photo after 23 days ( including breaks).

It's really hard to see, since it's taken with iphone. If you compare the picture from the first post and this one. You will see slight difference in the white shade on the teeth.
note: when I compared them the first time, I didn't see any difference between them.

it's not easy on my gums, but there is no point of stopping now.

Recommended by MV

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Anonymous, Surrey, England
Jul 21 '12
How well it works

First of all, I had customer trays made for £40 from Amazon, and then bought the gel from Amazon for £20, so £60 in total, which is considerably less than my dentist wanted to charge (£300)!

I'd had a check up a few weeks before and my dentist took some xrays and was happy with my teeth and said I would be an excellent candidate for bleaching. So I went ahead and did it myself!

I've been doing the bleaching for probably close to three weeks now and have got through nearly six syringes of the 22% gel. I began for the first few weeks doing the bleach for an hour a day, but the results were very slow. I saw on the internet that the recommended times for wear varied between 2-4 hours and overnight, so I then started wearing them for 2 hours a day.

I have sensitive teeth as I have a lot of enamel wear on the tips of my front teeth due to eating lots of fruit and drinking fruit juices without a straw. Surprisingly I felt very little discomfort whatsoever and barely no sensitivity, despite having not used a bleaching product previously. I did use sensitive toothpaste, so perhaps that helped.

You will see from my results that I do not have the "Hollywood white" teeth I had hoped for originally, and I feel a bit disappointed that my teeth are not whiter. However, I am fairly happy with the results as they are definitely not as yellow as before, though, you will see from the composite filling on my front tooth, that that didn't bleach so will need to be replaced. I think my teeth may be quite resistant to bleaching, or it could be that the enamel wear is exposing the colour of the dentin underneath the teeth and that it why they don't look markably whiter.

Recommended by Anonymous

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