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Pola Soothe

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Requires Tray System
6% Potassium Nitrate
Average Price: $40

Pola Soothe Review

Pola Soothe is a desensitizing gel designed to be used in conjunction with either in-office or take-home whitening kits. Dentists will generally recommend its use when whitening candidates are known to have sensitivity issues–or when sensitivity is suspected due to other factors.

Pola Soothe Advantages

Pola Soothe is a sustained release gel containing 6% potassium nitrate and 0.1% fluoride gel. It relieves tooth sensitivity caused by chemical and thermal changes, but unlike other desensitizers, Soothe will not interfere with the whitening process.

Where can I get Pola Soothe?

Pola Soothe is available through your dentist.


Success Factor

If you have used Pola Soothe as part of your professional teeth whitening procedure, please let us know if you found its use helpful in reducing sensitivity. Please post your comments below.


Write your own review