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Venus White Pro (Take-Home)

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Rated: 5 out of 5
Rated: 5 out of 5
Rated: 5 out of 5

100% of reviewers recommend

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Requires Tray System
16%-35% Carbamide Peroxide
Average Price: $100
Venus White Pro (Take-Home) image

Venus White PRO Review

Venus White PRO teeth whitening is a take-home tray system that can either be used as a follow-up to in-office whitening or as a stand-alone recommendation from your dentist. The system features custom molded mouth trays and one of three gel strengths, 16%, 22% or 35% carbamide peroxide, depending on your dentist’s recommendation. The patient fills the mouth trays with gel using a syringe and wears them daily according to the dentist’s directions. Most people will wear them for a total of 14-21 days.

Venus White PRO Advantages

  • Mint-flavored for comfort
  • Great for sensitivity
  • Custom mouth trays ensure fit and maximum gel-to-tooth contact
  • Whitening gel refills are available over-the-counter

Does Venus White PRO cause tooth sensitivity?

Venus White Pro gels are treated with potassium nitrate to ease sensitivity and users report that they do experience less sensitivity than with other whitening systems.

Where can I get the Venus White PRO?

Venus White PRO kits can be found through dentists around the United States.

Whitening Factor

Venus White PRO is a solid choice for good whitening candidates, which many users seeing up to 8 shades of change over the whitening period.

Kris, Iowa City, IA
Apr 11 '18
How well it works
Paid $60.00

Great take home bleach kit. Works well if used correctly and almost no sensitivity so is my go to because my teeth are so sensitive to bleaching.

Recommended by Kris

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