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Zero Peroxide (Scam)

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Rated: 4 out of 5
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No Hydrogen Peroxide
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Zero Peroxide Review

The Zero Peroxide Whitening Kit is sold online. We’ve seen Zero Peroxide advertised on the internet through various affiliate marketing channels, daily deal sites, fake user testimonials, and phony review sites.

Our Observations

  • ZeroPeroxide is featured on many fake testimonial and review sites.
  • Website states most customers see a “5-10” shade difference with their kit. This is nearly impossible for a product that does not contain carbamide peroxide / hydrogen peroxide 
  • Promotional banners for the product make outlandish statements such as “whiter teeth in as little as 20 minutes”. Some banners go so far to saying it is “the most advanced whitening kit available”.
  • Their website (and promotional banners) state that the product is “recommended by dentists”. There is no evidence that the product is recommended by any dentist.  
  • Their hygienist testimonial comes from a hygienist that runs a dental web content business called dentaspeak – their testimonials and content are provided for various teeth whitening websites – not much credibility here. Furthermore, a “Dental hygienist” is a not a “dentist.”
  • The ZeroPeroxide creators have attempted selling entire business through a website flipping platform: Flippa. The creator of this business is a professional affiliate marketer from the UK.

Read our article about teeth whitening scams here.

Jan 04 '16
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