Whitening Simulator for iPhone Compare Smile

Want to enhance your personal photos or curious about how you'd look with whiter teeth?

Whitening Simulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch is the world's first automated whitening application. It incorporates an advanced face and smile detection engine to show you just how white your teeth can be! With the Whitening Simulator, you can enhance your personal photos, find out what shade of white works best for you, and do side-by-side “before and after” shade comparisons. It’s easy and fun to use!


  • Whiten existing or new photos with your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Advanced facial and smile detection engine
  • Simulate whiter teeth with easy slider controls
  • Automatic smile zoom functionality gives an even closer look of your results
  • Easily compare before and after photos
  • Teeth Whitening Glossary

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