5,000 female celebrity white teeth smiles reviewed. Only 10 chosen. Take a look at our winners for the Top 10 Celebrity Smiles

1st Place
Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s smile shows closest to the golden proportions and gleams pearly white! It looks great at just about any angle! Just take a look at the pictures!

2nd Place
Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan

Her smile works beautifully with her facial features: high cheekbones, deep brown eyes, and subtle sultriness. Her front centrals only show slight wear.

3rd Place
Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen

Do you see that smile? That’s because according to Forbes Celebrity 100, she is the highest paid model in the whole wide world. And we still love your smile!

4th Place
Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson’s smile just oozes red carpet glamour. Notice how her plump lips frame the smile beautifully. This is an important feature in a female smile.

5th Place
Rebecca Gayheart

Rebecca Gayheart

Even though Rebecca has one lateral incisor longer than a central incisor, her smile is beautiful. Note that a smile does not have to be perfectly symmetrical - nature is not perfect.

6th Place
Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale

A wonderful warm smile. But what we want to know is, how is it possible that she can smoke like a chimney and still manage to have teeth as white as snow? Oh wait… teeth whitening! Duh!

7th Place
Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Katherine’s smile is unique in that her 2 front lateral incisors flare forward. It has bags of personality! It is similar to Kirsten Dunst’s… smile.

8th Place
Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

We’re fans of this one… an attractive smile for an attractive lady.

9th Place
Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

It looks like the wine and coffee have finally gotten to Julia’s smile. Her times are over in reaching the top ranks of smile ubiquity. We’re still giving her a spot though - it’s beautiful nonetheless.

10th Place
Julia Roberts

Megan Fox

Megan has transformed into celebrity stardom with her beautiful looks, but look at that smile! We love her small laterals; it’s a very feminine look. Her gumline is slightly misshaped.

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1. - Mike - 08/20/2008
I love Scarlett Johansson's smile.
2. - Ana-Macedonia - 11/19/2008
yes,Jessica deserves the first place,perfact teeth...Jennifer Graner has sweet smile,but i think there are more celebrity who have better smile then these once that were chosen.
3. - John - 03/23/2009
Great post. I agree with the top 3.
4. - jane doe - 07/12/2009
was this list just for females?? if not i think MJ should have been somewhere on this list he has the most beautiful smile i have ever seen.
5. - Nikky - 08/13/2009
I agree with Jane Doe. Michael Jackson has (had... :-( the most beautiful smile in the world!! Better than any woman or man!!
6. - Lilly - 10/07/2009
miley cyrus should be here, simon cowel and demi lovato
7. - Whiter Teeth - 10/26/2009
Uh Nikky... I think MJ might = Michael Jordan. Or perhaps you were being obviously sarcastic.
8. - Mrs. Green - 12/03/2009
I really loves Jessica's smile!
9. - bob - 12/22/2009
they are sooooo beautiful.....this makes me depressed
10. - Bert Heidenreich - 01/02/2010
I bought your product and only got 3 single applications out of it when it stoped comming out of the tube. Expensive 3 uses.
11. - News - 01/20/2010
I love jessica O my GOD! what a smile she has... :)
12. - James - 02/04/2010
I love Scarlett Johansson's smile. It is flawless! and she has the sexiest lips ever!
13. - Steph - 03/30/2010
Michael Jackson had the perfect smile. No one else can compare. Jessica alba's smile looks creepy
14. - Josh - 04/04/2010
I am so in Love with Megan Fox's smile....
15. - The smile place - 04/16/2010
I think Megan Fox should be higher up in that list. Her teeth are perfect, lovely smile and her teeth look so white.

Maybe she'll do better next time? :)
16. - Jasmine - 06/10/2010
I love Jessica Alba's lovely white smile, i only wish Vanessa Hudgens would have made the list. Her smile is amazing!
17. - Missy - 06/15/2010
Michael Jackson has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen!
18. - stomp - 06/15/2010
Katherine Heigl is gross
19. - Celebrity Smile - 07/22/2010
I agree. Jessica Alba does have the best smile.
20. - Neo - 07/27/2010
I just loooove Jessica Alba, her heavenly smile is one of the reasons behind it...!
Agree with comment # 15, Megan should be even higher position definitely in this list, rather say secod..!!!
21. - winiette - 07/30/2010
The most beautiful is Melissa Theuriau's smile, after mine of course :D :D :D :D ! :)
22. - John Rae - 08/13/2010
I always loved Kate Winslet's smile. Great choices, though.
23. - Lini - 08/14/2010
Michael Jackson had the best smile ever...it was a genuine and very alive smile that originated from his core and was always accompanied by a twinkle in his eyes.
24. - Jay - 09/04/2010
Since i was a kid i believed James franco had the sexiest smile on earth...and i still do.
25. - yasina - 10/22/2010
yeah! The best smile I`ve ever seen is MJ`s smile!
26. - Isis - 11/25/2010
I agree, Michael Jackson had a beautiful smile. He is most definitely missed!!
27. - Akim Kithanse - 12/03/2010
Megan Fox has my Number 1 bet!.Men,this girl gat a wao smile.I admit it's a turn on 4 me.Go,Go,Go Meggy!
28. - Alexis - 01/12/2011
Definately have to agree with Jay, James Franco has such an amazing smile that lights up his entire face
29. - Ram - 02/11/2011
MIchael jackson has had best nd cute smile i ever seen..his smile shows directly pure love heavenly..and make him most memmorable...
30. - jitash - 04/27/2011
Megan Fox has my Number 1
she look very good when smile.
31. - healthy travel - 05/30/2011
les plus beau sourire au monde
32. - Maya - 07/11/2011
wheres michael jackson...? Cutest smile in the world.
33. - Alyanna Marie Gonzales - 07/17/2011
Where's Michael Jackson? He deserves the top spot
34. - Chloe - 07/31/2011
Demi Lovato's smile should be there; it's gorgeous.
35. - ans - 08/02/2011
Yeeess!!! MJ’s smile is most beautiful!
36. - bakhtawar - 08/14/2011
megan fox is very beautiful
37. - meyaki - 08/17/2011
where is KATE HUDSON are you kidding us?? she has theee killa smile only an angel would smile like her, then scarlet then katherine heigl then julia roberts then beyonce then megan good thats the list go on from there! shabash!
38. - Sole - 08/22/2011
James Franco deserves top spot with that mega watt smile that just makes you want to go…and those crinkles by his eyes just slay me!
39. - Jeff - 10/06/2011
All the women have beautiful smiles and they all are white. What about Beyonce,Alicia Keys,Halle berry,Toni Braxton they all have beautiful smiles also. Mix it up a litte, please.
40. - nepal - 10/14/2011
Where is kate winslet man no one has better smile than hers
41. - Emily - 11/05/2011
Michael Jackson has the most incredible, cute, beautiful and breathtaking smile in the world!
It is perfect and it is even creepy but seriously, you could stare in his eyes and at his smile for hours!!

42. - Sydney - 11/09/2011
I never knew how bad Megan Fox's smile was until i saw this... how ironic
43. - ocean - 11/20/2011
if you have a beautiful smile its proved that u all take care of your teeth!
44. - Anonymous Smiler - 11/24/2011
Megan Fox looks cute when she smiles. The gum line is a little disfigured, but that's okay.
45. - Victoria Swan - 02/26/2012
What about Whitney Houston, Matthew McConaughey and Shamar Moore?
46. - Smile Proud - 03/19/2012
I like Megan Fox's adorable look.I am having difficulties with teeth issue and i am going to use this item for better result.
47. - Tj smiles - 04/06/2012
Megan Fox has a pretty smile
48. - Mary - 05/10/2012
Demi Lovato should be on here :)
49. - shamika robertson - 05/21/2012
you girls looking very goo
50. - Kay - 06/07/2012
Michael Jackson should be #1. He had the cutest, happiest, most perfect and overall best smile EVER! Every time I see a picture of his smile, I can't help but smile myself. R.I.P. MJ
52. - sarwar - 07/09/2012
l like Scarlett Johansson
smile very innocent but sexy
53. - cynthia - 07/20/2012
No women of color on this list? (other than Jessica Alba who doesn't want to identify as Latina.)
54. - Mario - 07/25/2012
Sorry but this list is very wrong, the best celebrity smile should go to drew barrymore. now that is a perfect smile.
55. - andie - 10/07/2012
I believe Mel Gibson has a most awesome smile! It is actually a very healing smile!
His whole face lights up. You can tell it comes from the soul.
56. - Pat - 12/02/2012
Michael Jackson should be on this list. His smile was gorgeous. It could light up a room let alone a stadium full of screaming fans from all races and cultures around the globe. King of Pop #1 smile - period.
57. - sabiya - 04/01/2014
I liked megan's smile but i think Kristen Stewart and Taylor swift should be there
58. - xiaozhengmmm - 09/11/2014
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62. - Anonymouss - 12/19/2014
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