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IntelliWHITE Pro White Professional Whitening Duo

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Rated: 1 out of 5
Rated: 1 out of 5

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Whitening Toothpaste
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IntelliWHITE Pro White Professional Whitening Duo Overview

IntelliWHITE's Dr. Jablow knows that everyday oral care can make a difference in keeping your smile healthy and white. That's why she's created the intelliWHITE Pro White Professional Whitening Duo.

The Duo includes a tube of PRO WHITE Professional Whitening Toothpaste that's PH-balanced, free of parabens and features a patented Pentasodium Triphosphate/PVP stain removal complex that helps to reveal the maximum whiteness of your smile while effectively cleaning your teeth, gums and freshening your breath.

The Duo also contains a tube of PRO WHITE Professional Whitening Booster - a gentle, alcohol-free, peroxide-based gel that goes a step further to help eliminate surface stains on a daily basis. The Booster is also formulated with Xylitol, a natural sweetener which has been known to make plaque less adhesive to teeth and reduce the chance of tooth decay. They work together to keep teeth clean, keep breath fresh and inhibit new stains from forming.


IntelliWHITE Pro White Professional Whitening Duo Advantages

Yes, it's an ongoing mission for Dr. Jablow. Both the PRO WHITE toothpaste and BOOSTER are forumlated to prevent sensitivity reactions. Even though the Booster contains a mild peroxide dosage, it's cushioned by the other ingredients in the toothpaste and rinse formula.

Does the IntelliWHITE Whitening Duo do anything special to minimize sensitivity?

Yes, most people who experience whitening sensitivity find themselves uncomfortable when a strong peroxide-based whitening gel comes in contact with lips and gums; either by oozing out of mouth trays or poor placement of whitening strips. The intelliWHITE Pro Whitening Kit helps to reduce sensitivity for many people by using a precision brush applicator for painting the gel onto teeth and retracting the lips and surrounding soft tissues from gel exposure.

Where may I purchase it?

You may purchase intellWHITE through, at the intelliwhite website, and at some higher-end beauty stores.

Whitening Factor

This is an everyday, oral care product that's designed to keep stains away, not necessarily to whiten teeth on its own. Please let us know if you've experienced any whitening with its use. We'd love to tell everyone about it!

Maria Casillas, denver colorado
Jun 10 '14
How well it works
Paid $29.99

didnt white my teeth at all.i use it for a week didnt do anything so sad that have to trow away thirty dollars cause i throw away the products. It smells good and it feels your teeth is clean but thats all.

Not Recommended by maria casillas

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