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Luster Premium White 7 Sensitive Toothpaste

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Whitening Toothpaste
Unknown RDA Value
Average Price:$7
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Product Description and Claim

New Fresh Flavor Plus Fluoride

Active Dental Peroxide for Maximum Enamel-Safe Whitening.

  • 7 Whitening Agents
  • Removes Surface and Deep Stains
  • Builds Enamel
  • Whiter Teeth, Anti-Sensitivity
  • Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for Whole Mouth Health

Whiten Without the Sensitivity

New, improved White 7 Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth now contains fluoride to fight cavities and help build enamel. Its active dental peroxide formula delivers maximum whitening results by removing both surface and intrinsic stains. Contains a proprietary blend of therapeutic grade essential oils for whole mouth health

Peach14, USA
Apr 20 '12
How well it works
Paid $7.00

Over packaged.. The tube is much less than half full! I haven't used the product very long yet but so far I have not seen any difference at all.. I'm very disappointed. As for the 'clean mint taste', it tastes more like ground up mint leaves mixed with hydrogen peroxide. Not exactly appealing. This toothpaste makes me very angry and I feel very ripped off.

Not Recommended by Peach14

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Anonymous, Portland, OR
Mar 08 '12
How well it works

Love this product. Only complaint is that the tube is false advertising. As soon as I opened the tube it was mostly air!! An the paste is so hard to squeeze out. O well, can't always be perfect right?

Recommended by Anonymous

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